ERDF logoThe list of the LIS project outcomes is updated as soon as another step of activities have been completed.

2017 Fundrising activities and outcomes


The activities of the LIS project were organised into smaller sub-projects. For each sub-project funds were applied from various national calls from the European Regional Development Fund. All applications recieved a positive response and ERDF funds were provided for the following activities:

  • Proposal for a study on the system architecture of LIS, accompanied with a system prototype. (in Estonian)  
  • Proposal for a study on the user experience and the development of a user interface prototype of the LIS management software. (in Estonian)  
  • Proposal for the development of the basic functionality of the LIS management software (in Estonian)


2018 System Architecture Design

The procurement of the study on the system architecture of LIS was announced in January 2017. The winning company Flowit Estonia OÜ carried out the study and developed the system prototype from March to May 2018. The expected outcomes were delivered in the end of May 2018 as follows:



2018 UX and UI outcomesIn May 2018 A call for tender as announced in May 2018 for aquiring a study of user experience with the land register management software and the design of user interface for the new LIS. 

The outcomes are expected to be published in October-November 2018.