About the LIS Project

Project Goals:

The goal of the LIS project is to develop a modular, flexible and highly adaptable land register information system of high quality and security, with the user-centric approach, based on open-source software and modern technology solutions.

The LIS is envisioned to be easily interconnected with cross-border information systems, and adaptable for many countries besides the country of origin - Estonia.

    LIS Features:

    The new land register information system LIS:

    • Applies the latest technologies, considering the future perspectives.
    • Is based on high quality and security standards.
    • Provides a user-friendly working environment.
    • Allows the development of fully digital and user-centred e-services based on lifecycle events.
    • Enables efficient workflows and process automation.
    • Is built on a flexible, modular structure, where the components can be modified according to load growth, functionality changes or technology modernization.
    • Adaptable for implementation in many countries.

    Time Frame:Development of the Land Register Information system in 2018 - 2020.

    The development of LIS will take place in several successive stages from 2017 to 2020, as follows:

    2017: Securing funds for the project analysis stage and systems development activities.

    2018: Preparatory sub-projects carried out in parallel:

    • LIS architectural analysis and prototyping,
    • user experience design for the LIS management system,
    • a background study for provision of lifecycle e-services for citizens and businesses in real estate domain.

    Based on the analyses a final vision of the new land register information system will be shaped.

    2018 - 2019: System development stage launched by the sub-project of developing basic functionality for the envisioned land register information system.

    2019 to June 2020: The development of LIS will continue for achieving full system functionality, including interconnection with national as well as international networks, extended e-services and additional features.

    The Team:

    LIS Project is conducted by Court Registers Department of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) in Estonia.

    RIK is an agency in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, with the purpose of providing innovative digital environment for integrated e-service provision in the area of state administration, legal and criminal policy.

    The project team at RIK, who will work closely together with the companies carrying out outsourced studies and software development sub-projects:

    International Partners:

    We are also working together with an international circle of colleagues and specialists. We are inviting everyone interested in the project and its outcomes, to join our discussions and share their thoughts by e-mail, by commenting the news items or participating in the discussions at the site forum, which will become available soon.