Project Overview


Project Goal:

The major goal of the LIS project is to develop a new generation land register information system (LIS), focusing on high quality, stern security, and user-centric approach. The envisioned LIS is based on the modern technology solutions, built on a highly flexible, adaptable and modular architecture. See more about the LIS Project.

Project Time Frame:

LIS development activites are planned as several successive stages, starting with the fundsrising in 2017 until the full development and system migration in 2020 and the deployment on the fully functional LIS in 2021:

Time frame of the LIS project 2017 - 2021. 2017: Securing funding. 2018: Architectural design, UX & UI design. 2019: Base system development. 2020: Extended development. 2021: Deployment.



The LIS project and its smaller sub-projects are partially funded by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union and by the Government of Estonia.

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