The LIS Project Launched

The LIS Project has been launced!

In 2017, preparations were made to ensure funding for preliminary analyzes and subsequent development of the core functionality of the land register information system.

In 2018, the following preparatory sub-projects will be conducted in parallel:

  • LIS architectural analysis and prototyping
  • User experience design for the land register management system, and user interface prototyping
  • Background study for designing lifecycle-related e-services for citizens and businesses in real estate domain

Based on these analyzes, in 2018, a final vision of the new land register information system will be shaped and the development of the core landregister inforamtion system will be launced.

During the years 2019-2020, the development of LIS will continue for achieving full system functionality, including several optional features for interconnection, extended e-service provision and higher security purposes.

The new Land Register Information System LIS will be launched during the year 2020.

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