Estonia-Austria Land Register Interconnections

Pilot Project For Interconnecting With Land Registers at the E-Justice Portal.

The Centre of Registers and Information Systems in Estonia, and the Austrian Ministry of Justice have launched an EU funded project Land Register Interconnection for Member States (Grant agreement No: 785840) starting on March 1, 2018.

The technical solution, which will be developed as the outcome of the project, will be integrated with the current Estonian land register information system in 2019. Also, this service will be included in the new generation land register information system LIS, envisioned to be launcehd in 2020.

The results of the joint Estonian-Austrian project will be set as an example for other European Union member states in developing the same service of linking the e-Justice portal to their national land registers.

The full title of the project is "LRI Member State Connection - analysis, design and implementation of the national Web services for communication with the Land Registers Interconnection (LRI) platform at the European e-Justice Portal".

Funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union


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